H 2 Twistor theory for LQG

Auteurs : Eastwood, Michael (Auteur de la Conférence)
CIRM (Editeur )

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Symmetry in four dimensions Complex homogeneous spaces Twistors Bateman's formula Invariant differential operators Massless field equations Penrose transform Curved twistors Parabolic geometry

Résumé : Twistor Theory was proposed in the late 1960s by Roger Penrose as a potential geometric unification of general relativity and quantum mechanics. During the past 50 years, there have been many mathematical advances and achievements in twistor theory. In physics, however, there are aspirations yet to be realised. Twistor Theory and Loop Quantum Gravity (LQG) share a common background. Their aims are very much related. Is there more to it? This talk will sketch the geometry and symmetry behind twistor theory with the hope that links with LQG can be usefully strengthened. We believe there is something significant going on here: what could it be?

Keywords : twistor theory; conformal differential geometry; complex geometry

Codes MSC :
32L25 - Twistor theory, double fibrations
53A30 - Conformal differential geometry
53C28 - Twistor methods

    Informations sur la Vidéo

    Langue : Anglais
    Date de publication : 27/09/2019
    Date de captation : 02/09/2019
    Collection : Research talks ; Algebraic and Complex Geometry ; Lie Theory and Generalizations ; Mathematical Physics
    Format : MP4 (.mp4) - HD
    Durée : 00:45:47
    Domaine : Algebraic & Complex Geometry ; Lie Theory and Generalizations ; Mathematical Physics
    Audience : Chercheurs ; Doctorants , Post - Doctorants
    Download : 2019-009-02_eastwood.mp4

Informations sur la rencontre

Nom de la rencontre : Twistors and Loops Meeting in Marseille / Théorie des twisteurs et gravitation quantique à boucles
Organisateurs de la rencontre : Dunajski, Maciej ; Rovelli, Carlo ; Speziale, Simone ; Vidotto, Francesca
Dates : 02/09/2019 - 06/09/2019
Année de la rencontre : 2019
URL Congrès : https://conferences.cirm-math.fr/2082.html

Citation Data

DOI : 10.24350/CIRM.V.19559703
Cite this video as: Eastwood, Michael (2019). Twistor theory for LQG. CIRM. Audiovisual resource. doi:10.24350/CIRM.V.19559703
URI : http://dx.doi.org/10.24350/CIRM.V.19559703

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