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H 1 Combinatorial and algorithmic properties of Robinsonian matrices

Auteurs : Laurent, Monique (Auteur de la Conférence)
CIRM (Editeur )

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    Résumé : Robinsonian matrices are structured matrices that have been introduced in the 1950's by the archeologist W.S. Robinson for chronological dating of Egyptian graves. A symmetric matrix is said to be Robinsonian if its rows and columns can be simultaneously reordered in such a way that the entries are monotone nondecreasing in the rows and columns when moving toward the main diagonal. Robinsonian matrices can be seen as a matrix analog of unit interval graphs, which are precisely the graphs having a Robinsonian adjacency matrix. We will discuss several aspects of Robinsonian matrices: links to unit interval graphs; new efficient combinatorial recognition algorithm based on Similarity-First Search, a natural extension to weighted graphs of Lex-BFS; structural characterization by minimal forbidden substructures; and application to tractable instances of the Quadratic Assignment Problem.

    Codes MSC :
    05C62 - Graph representations
    05C85 - Graph algorithms
    68R10 - Graph theory in connection with computer science

      Informations sur la Vidéo

      Langue : Anglais
      Date de publication : 14/09/17
      Date de captation : 12/09/17
      Collection : Research talks ; Combinatorics ; Computer Science
      Format : MP4
      Durée : 00:59:25
      Domaine : Combinatorics ; Computer Science
      Audience : Chercheurs ; Doctorants , Post - Doctorants
      Download : https://videos.cirm-math.fr/2017-09-12_laurent.mp4

    Informations sur la rencontre

    Nom de la rencontre : IX Latin and American algorithms, graphs and optimization symposium (LAGOS 2017) / 9e symposium latino et americain des algorithmes, graphes et de l'optimisation (LAGOS 2017)
    Organisateurs de la rencontre : Bassino, Frédérique ; Bonomo, Flavia ; Pournin, Lionel ; Valencia-Pabon, Mario ; Vera Lizcano, Juan Carlos
    Dates : 11/09/17 - 15/09/17
    Année de la rencontre : 2017
    URL Congrès : http://conferences.cirm-math.fr/1660.html

    Citation Data

    DOI : 10.24350/CIRM.V.19221503
    Cite this video as: Laurent, Monique (2017). Combinatorial and algorithmic properties of Robinsonian matrices. CIRM. Audiovisual resource. doi:10.24350/CIRM.V.19221503
    URI : http://dx.doi.org/10.24350/CIRM.V.19221503

    Voir aussi


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